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Vincamine regulates and maintains all brain function, physical or intellectual, and other physiological functions. 
Vincamine is used for the growth of the cerebral blood flow.

is g
ood for memory, coordination, hearing, visual disturbances and headaches.
Vincamine is a very safe preparation, especially in long-term treatments.  
Vincamine increases blood supply to brain, boosts ATP energy production and oxygen usage. 
Vincamine is suitable for patients affected by: cerebrovascular impairment, decreased activity of neural centers by trophic changes, such as:
cerebral ischemia, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, sequelae of head trauma or brain trauma after acute brain injury.
Also, Vincamine is recommended in cases of: post-traumatic post-apoplectic, hypertensive encephalopathy, consumption of psychotropic substances.

Vascular disorders in the area of ​​optics, retinopathy, centro-retinal artery embolism are conditions that are treated with Vincamine.
Vincamine enhances / improves brain metabolism by increasing oxidative degradation of glucose and its use by nerve cells / trophic and protective effects on brain neurons, leading to an increase in general activity.
Vincamine enhances oxygen transport in nerve cells. Vincamine improves and normalizes the brain microcirculation. Hemodynamic resistance decreases and equalizes the cerebral vascular bed.
Vincamine will increase cerebral blood flow by selective vasodilation of cerebral blood vessels. 
Due to its qualities, Vincamine will improve and recover circulation and brain functions.


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